Crocx – Mini Treats – Peanuts Cranberry 225g


Tasty treats made with peanut butter, a dog’s favorite! They are filled with good ingredients, such as barley flour, hemp hearts, rice flour, oats, ground flaxseed and dehydrated cranberries. So, you know you are giving only the best to your faithful companion.

In a perfect size for small jaws, these treats are easy to chew and will appeal even to your little gourmets!

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Healthy Mini Treats for Picky Maws – Peanut and Cranberry

Finding the right treats for your four-legged companion can be quite the hassle. From finding the best flavor and checking the ingredients to figuring out the right amount to give, you have to consider a lot of factors. At Crocx we understand how difficult buying the right treats can be, which is why we crafted the perfect mini treats for your faithful companion.

Completely Natural

Crocx’s healthy mini treats use completely natural ingredients. The natural selection of our ingredients makes our peanut and cranberry pet biscuits all the safer to consume. Our biscuits are also free from any preservatives or any filling agent. We also add hemp oil to our pet biscuits to give your furry friend a multitude of different benefits.

Improves Skin and Fur Condition

Treats shouldn’t only taste good; they should also provide benefits to your faithful companion. And one of the major benefits of giving your pets hemp foods is that it helps keep their skin as well as their fur healthy. The Omega fatty acids present in Hemp makes it especially effective at keeping your pet’s skin healthy.

By providing the perfect balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 (3:1), hemp oil present in our treats keeps your dog safe from a number of diseases.

Improves Immune System Function

Amino acids are essential for your pet’s body and for a good reason. They are the building blocks for proteins, and can greatly improve immune system function. The amino acids present in hemp, especially arginine and Cysteine, empower T cells to fight off threats as well as improve response time for immune system.

Tastes Delicious

Other than being safe to consume and incredibly beneficial, it also helps that these treats are absolutely delicious. Specifically made for your smaller mouthed canine, they are sure to love the peanut and cranberry flavor of the treats.