Crocx – Treats – Peanuts Cranberry 465g


Tasty treats made with peanut butter, a dog’s favorite! They are filled with good ingredients, such as barley flour, hemp hearts, rice flour, oats, ground flaxseed and dehydrated cranberries. So, you know you are giving only the best to your faithful companion.

In a perfect size for large and strong dogs, they will satisfy even the most voracious ones!

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Healthy Treats for Picky Maws – Peanut and Cranberry

Finding treats for your dog can be quite difficult. Other than finding one that is healthy, you also have to find a treat that your four-legged companion finds tasty. But lucky for you, our Crocx healthy treats contain peanut butter, a favorite among dogs. Our healthy treat also contains hemp hearts, oats, dehydrated cranberries, and brown rice. All of these ingredients keep your dog healthy as they munch down on these tasty treats.

Doesn’t Contain Any Wheat

Our treats are made for a wide range of pets, which means we take the needs of many dogs into consideration. And since some dogs can have an intolerance towards wheat, we use rice-wheat instead. Brown rice is a good replacement for ordinary wheat, as it improves the digestive tract without any side effects.

Keeps Your Dog Healthy

One of the major ingredients in our healthy treat is hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are incredibly nutritious and contain a multitude of nutrients and fatty acids. These fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-3, are crucial to the development of healthy skin and nails. The fatty acids that the Hemp seeds contain help reduce the risk of a slew of skin diseases and rashes. It also provides energy to your bundle of joy.

Helps Regulate Blood Glucose Level

Dogs need fiber in their body in order to better regulate blood glucose levels, and our healthy treats have plenty right on deck. Brown rice, another major ingredient in our healthy treats, are an excellent source of fiber for dogs. Hemp seeds are also a great source of fiber.

The Flavor That Your Dog Loves

Peanut butter is a favorite among dogs everywhere, which is why we added peanut butter to our treats. So not only will your dog get healthier with these treats, they won’t be able to get enough.